London College of Communications

To celebrate the release of Peter Cusack's new publication Berlin Sonic Places: A brief guide, CRiSAP are hosting a symposium exploring interventions into the city soundscape, from both planning and artistic perspectives. Questions being considered are, “How do we hear the cities in which we live?” and “What kinds of sonic interventions are possible artistically and planning-wise in today’s urban environments?” Guests speakers include Sam Auinger (founder of O & A known for large scale public sound installations), Lisa Lavia (Director of the Noise Abatement Society), Gascia Ouzounian (Co-director Recomposing the City, Belfast) and Peter Cusack. The event will feature a specially commissioned program of sound art to be heard and seen around the venue in Elephant & Castle, London.rg/contemporary_art/exhibitions
hosted by the Isabella Stewart Garden

01.06.2018 - 30.06.2018

A project by Sam Auinger, Georg Spehr und Hannes Strobl at CLB Berlin

The A100 is not only a space-consuming infrastructure system, but also a city-forming force with a large physical, media and political presence. It generates a pulse for urban life and shapes Berlin's identity as a symbol of progress, self-staging and representation as well as a hate object, disruptive factor and art space.

In the accompanying talks, sound walks and screenings, questions about the present and future of the A100 are discussed critically.

More information here: http://samauinger.de/timeline/a-100-the-sound-of-the-berlin-city-motorway/