30. 04. 2013
urban space – urban sound

opening concert of Bonner Wall / Chlodwigplatz underground train station

underground train station Bonner Wall
tunnelling dates back thousands of years, but underground railways are a relatively recent phenomenon: the world’s first opened in London on 10 January 1863 and it was another 100 years before the foundation stone was laid for Cologne’s trams to run below ground. because tunnelling and subterranean railways have developed so massively over decades, centuries and millennia, the underground section presently under construction in Cologne is one of the most modern in the world. but before the line is extended to include the new stops Bonner Wall and Chlodwigplatz, this year’s festival launches in the underground with the pinnacle of modernity: sound designers Sam Auinger and Bruce Odland create impressive installations that exploit the sonic potential of this complex and fascinating subterranean architecture.

sam auinger elektronik and installation
bruce odland elektronik and installation
hannes strobl e-bass
carsten seiffarth curator

organized by Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG, bonn hoeren – beethoven foundation for art and culture in the federal city of bonn

supported by the curatorium KölnMusik e.V.