20. 05. 2015 - 18. 10. 2015
Quiet is the New Loud

triennale brugge / brugge (BE)

The soundscape of Modernity, with its overwhelming array of machine generated standing waves amplified in canyons of glass and steel, has through the vicissitudes of history passed Brugge by. One can still take delight in Brugge’s human scale sound space of passageways, plazas, canals, cobblestones and courtyards without being overwhelmed by electrical hums, diesel motors, helicopters, ventilation, air conditioning and constant media sounds. Brugge has a very valuable acoustic commodity: quiet. In a time where our accelerating economy generates an inhuman barrage of conflicting and confusing sounds out of scale with human perception Brugge’s quiet provides space to think. Quiet is the New Loud.


O+A in brugge