16.10.2017 - 27.11.2017
Itaparica, Brazil

Fellowship Foundation Sacatar
After almost 30 years of working together (The first O+A project/piece was 1989) we had been watching out for a fellowship which pays us time for working on our materials, getting it in order for a catalogue and some exhibitions. And in order to deepen our artistic research in non urban spaces.

During our time in Itaparica, we will work through our recording collection of 4 years, mainly done in cities all over the world like Mexico City, Seoul, Paris, Berlin, New York, etc. Having a total different environment around us – an almost dented island – and by getting to know it’s surroundings, its fauna and flora, we will experiment with „nature interfaces“, study non urban environments with 4 ears recordings and try to interact with the very musical culture in Salvador de Bahia.