02. 02. 2018 - 02. 02. 2018
CRiSAP – Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice

11am – 7.30pm
At London College of Communication

CRiSAP – Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice

How do we hear the city? Why do cities sound like they do? What are sonic places?

To celebrate the publication of Peter Cusack’s Berlin Sonic Places: A Brief Guide, CRiSAP invites you to City Sonic Places: experiencing the urban soundscape, an event exploring artistic and planning interventions into city soundscapes.

Prior to the symposium a specially commissioned programme of sound art interventions will take place around the Elephant & Castle, exploring the city and it’s sonic places. The commissioned artists; Alicia Jane Turner, Brigitte Hart, David Bloor, Debbie Kent, Maja Zećo, Richard Allen and Shanti Suki Osman.

The symposium presentations will consider how we hear the cities in which we live and what kinds of sonic interventions might be possible or desirable in contemporary urban environments. The guest speakers are; Sam Auinger (founder of O & A known for large scale public sound installations); Lisa Lavia (Managing Director of the Noise Abatement Society); Gascia Ouzounian (musicologist and co-director of Recomposing the City) & Dr Sarah Lappin (architect and co-director of Recomposing the City) and artist/musician Peter Cusack (CRiSAP, London College of Communication) who will also give a unique Berlin Sonic Places solo performance.

“Cities are just too large and our ears cannot register the entire soundscape as one” Berlin Sonic Places: A Brief Guide introduces the idea of a “small sonic locality in a city that is sonically coherent enough to be studied as such.”

“They are present everywhere; in public and private space, streets, parks, inside buildings, at home, at work, below ground in subway stations or cellars and above in towers or sky scrapers. At any one moment their size is limited to the range of our hearing and their soundscape a product of the acoustic activity there, in resonance with the material, architectural and social character of the place.”


Artworks: 11am – 2pm | Symposium & Performance: 2 – 6pm followed by a drinks reception until 7.30pm
Tickets are free but booking is essential: