16. 09. 2017 - 16. 09. 2017

16.09.2017, 10:30 – 16:00h
Estufa Fria de Lisboa, Portugal

Workshop by Sam Auinger

The workshop interrogates methods for thinking with your ears, a practice of gaining a
deeper understanding of how we perceive and communicate sound. This means going
beyond the concept of urban noise as an undesired externality, and learning noise is a
source of information that helps us to better understand the societal processes and
infrastructures that we otherwise accept without question. Sound memory for spatial
sound forms and different hearing processes will be examine, and the participants will
develope qualitative sonic consciousnesses and a language for it.
“thinking with your ears” requires re-learning hearing as an active process—actively
perceiving auditive space and developing a reference system of sounds and auditive

Maximum number of participants: 15



About the festival:

Imagine a place that celebrates the sound world, which leads you through
labyrinthine paths that communicate acoustically with you. Imagine a garden
populated by sounds that call attention to all other sounds, an imaginary sound
environment that seeks to stimulate hearing and lead you to reflect on what you are
listening to. Imagine that this garden is in the center of the city and is occupied by
several artists with works of art conceived for that place.

Sound art can be defined as a set of practices that use sound and listening as a theme
or subject.

It is very difficult to connect the appearance of sound art to a specific period, place or
artistic movement. The term itself is relatively new, but in recent years it has come to
assert itself as an innovative and growing field within the territory of contemporary art.
Sound art can encompass a variety of activities, perhaps even more than other artistic
forms. It is not necessarily related to music, but like music, it presupposes a reception
based on the sense of hearing.
It is in this context that the festival Lisboa Soa – Sound Art, Urbanism and Auditory
Culture was created.
From September 14 to 17, 2017, the second edition of this festival will take place, this
time in the Estufa Fria de Lisboa.

For Further information: http://www.lisboasoa.com