23. 05. 2018 - 26. 05. 2018
The Swamp Summer School – Sonic Commons / Thinking with your Ears

23.05.2018 – 26.05.2018,

The Swamp Summer School
Workshops at Venice Biennale of Architecture May 2018 – November 2018

Throughout the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Swamp Summer School will function as a
changing, a flexible, open-ended structure that supports experiments in design, pedagogy and artistic intelligence. In exploring the imaginary of a swamp—a living organism in which borders defined by social, political and cultural factors are porous and permeable—we will investigate an open artistic/architectural form and effective workshop and publication methodologies. In this project, research questions will focus on creating workshops and manuals that support adaptation and learning to meet the demands of a changing environment. The Swamp Summer School will act as a pilot for future learning environments.

Sonic Commons / Thinking with your Ears
Sonic Commons – a lecture by Sam Auinger. This was followed by the workshop Thinking with your Ears.

Thanks to assistant Chelsea Bruck