01. 09. 2000

chicago’s clybourn club
chicago´s clybourn club / chicago, ill. (USA)

Mindfield – a hybrid space

Mindfield is an experimental arena where an environment responds to its inhabitants.

A modular, body oriented, interactive venue that seeks to make people active generators, not passive recipients, of their own experiences.

Mindfield systems interpret individual and social group behaviors by using networks of sensors to read spatial patterns, presence, and rhythmic activity within a physical – not virtual – space. Going beyond the ubiquitous “pushbutton” model of interactivity, layered game-logic models respond to behavior in ways that promote group learning and self-discovery.

An array of options are available for media feedback, including multiple channels of video projection and surround audio.

The Mindfield experiment provides an ongoing platform for collaboration and an opportunity for finding partners from technology, academic, art, and club sectors who can benefit from the emerging concept of democratic mediaspaces – spaces where the crowd has the control.

Mindfield provides the MFX operating system, the authoring tools and unique software and hardware platforms that power its systems, but also sponsors workshops, art installations and performance events to “street test” its technology and refine the concepts they are based on. This evolving digital nervous system will be deployed by its participants.

Mindfield is an experience at the border of individual and group consciousness.