we are learning to make sense of the sound environment we live in by listening, hearing, exploring and attempting to understand it as a language. we collect, filter and expand resonances found in nature and cities to make the hidden voices hearable.

1. weather:
on a trip to maine we recorded from dusk into the night as a gentle rain turned into a raging blizzard. first heard is a stereo rain harp, then two singls stringed snow harps.

2) yampa: on a rafting trip down the yampa river in colorado we collected oar strokes, and many types of wind through the interfaces of a small wind harp.

R4 cities
3) rome:traffic mantra – in an installation in the trajan forum 3 roman amphorae were used as resonaters to transform the sounds of passing cars, busses, trucks and motorcycles into melodic pools of harmonics. a microphone inside sent the sound real-time to a solar powered planet speaker placed in the archway over an old roman road.
4)salzburg: tornoise – looking for the main frequencies of salzburg in a 17th century tunnel called sigmund tor, we made a binaural recording of heavy rush hour traffic. later we removed the cars and trucks leaving only the resonance.
5)berlin: haus der kulturen – the complex singing shifting harmonic chord of sounds that seems part human, part machine, was generated by a tuning tube lokated at a busy urban bus stop. the tuned sound was payed back real-time under the echoing parabolic roof of the concert hall upstairs. as we were documenting the installation, the audiance from a concert of african music departed singing.
6)new york: hostage variations – while experimenting with tree sections of our tuning tube in front of the whitney museum at madison and 75th a hostage situation developed up the block in a jewelry store. sirens, police and gunshots are heard through the tube, and again with variations created by digital filtering.

7)the letter f: (fluss) 
water bows the string of a water harp tuned to the key of f. variations in the flow make the overtone melodies.
8)stones: at ringing rocks state park in pennsylvania we found a field of boulders with unusual sonic potential.
8) water raga: the croton river sings its melody during a spring flood.

infrastructure harmonics:
10)grand central – a study of nyc’s transportation hub and its characteristic singing chord created by alternating current technology such as ventilation fans, air conditioning, lighting systems etc, and the transient sounds of traffic, people and commerce.
11) cormeltz „how many voices are there in this music?“